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If a Tree Falls on Your Car Does an Employer Hear it?

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A month ago a tree fell on my car. When I first saw it I yelled a few French words, laughed (very briefly) in disbelief, then stared in shock. My insurance agent deemed the car totaled. Even though my situation could have been a lot worse, I still felt it was fair to have beef with the situation.

Since that time I’ve had four interviews. I heard back from one and was regrettably informed that my qualifications do not match those needed for the current openings within the organization. Now it’s down to three job prospects and I am anxiously waiting to hear back. It’s uncomfortable. After 10 weeks of updating my resume, rewriting my resume, submitting numerous applications, attending Job Search Focus Group meetings, going to job fairs, having my car hulk-smashed, and interviewing, I will soon either be employed, shopping for a car and regaining my independence; or, I will be back at square one.

My advice this week is on how to stay focused and positive when the sky starts dropping large objects on your life.

Use your family and friends as resources. It’s hard for those close to you to help if they don’t know you are job searching and what you are looking for. Past neighbors and friends have passed on my resume in their offices, which in turn has opened doors for interviews. I’ve also met new people and gained new strategies for job-hunting by going to the Job Search Focus Group here in Cincinnati. Furthermore, when your morale is low, family and friends are there to support you keep you positive. When you need help, use your resources and supports, they are out there!

Get out there. While some job searching involves using the computer, find opportunities that will cut down on your reliance on the screen. Get out of the house and find a way to meet with people. Attend a local event. Volunteer. Find a hobby. Do something that you enjoy. This will not only lend to more networking opportunities but it will also keep you positive and relieve some of the stress of the job hunt.

One sunny day for me quickly whirled into a windstorm that resulted in a tree to crushing my transportation and adding new obstacles to my job search. It would be a lie to say it hasn’t hindered my spirit. But what a relief it was when my neighbors came out to help remove the tree. My parents have been generous on letting me borrow the car, and a friend has been helping me get around as well. I can’t come and go as easily as I could a couple weeks ago, but I still have been able to get to meetings and events to help me continue to move forward in the job search. At the end of the day it is important to have a strategy to help yourself stay focused and positive so you can continue to move forward in your own career building efforts.

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Created from the perspectives of two young professionals who are job searching, gaining work experience, and building a career. The mission of Perky Perspectives is to offer advice and information with an upbeat twist to support those who strive to build the life and career of their dreams. We strive to ‘keep it real’ by using personal experiences to give value to the views shared.

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