Perky Perspectives

A positive view from young professionals building their careers


Job Search Advice

Looking for additional information concerning your job search? Below are some great resources that cover a wide variety of topics from resumes to cover letters to interviewing to social media.

Spark Hire’s Top 25 Must Read Blogs for Job Seekers

Job Boards

Jobs can be found online through a wide variety of resources. Here are some website that allow you to search job boards by location.



Career Builder

USA Jobs (federal government jobs)

Twitter (there are many feeds created specifically to tweet jobs)

Nonprofit Job Boards

Interested in working in the nonprofit sector? Below are some websites that specifically post nonprofit job opportunities


Charitable Advisors

Guide Star (doesn’t have a job board but you can search nonprofits in your city)

Better Business Bureau (doesn’t have a job board but you can search nonprofits in your city)

Company Reviews

While every employee has a unique experience at the company they work for, reading employee reviews can give you additional insight into a company’s culture and work life. Glassdoor allows employees to review the company they work for as well as post salary and interview information.



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